TASER® Darts Lead to Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures

Bloody TASER® darts, medical waste and intravenous and hypodermic needles are all sources for life threatening bloodborne pathogens. The D.A.R.T. Pro® and X-TRACTOR Tip® System eliminates direct handling of contaminated stun-gun darts and exposure to these pathogens. Does your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) include the D.A.R.T. Pro® and X-TRACTOR Tip® System?

The D.A.R.T. Pro® System Kit (Dart Acquiring and Removal Tool)
Affordable and Effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Easy to Use, for Left or Right Handed Users
Built in Lighting for Low Light Conditions
Includes Evidence Labels and Bags
X-TRACTOR Tips® System
Durable Sharps Container
Transparent Evidence Container
Glow-in-the-dark Feature - Aids in Recovery if Misplaced at Night
Protect Everyone Involved in the Chain of Evidence

Blood and Tissue are Considered Contaminated until Proven Otherwise

It should be assumed that everyone’s blood and tissue is contaminated until proven otherwise. When a TASER® is deployed, the barbed darts penetrate the skin of the subject. The darts are now contaminated with the subject’s blood, potentially containing pathogens such as HIV, AIDS and various strains of Hepatitis.

Current methods for TASER® dart removal are dangerous and crude, requiring either direct handling of the contaminated darts or the use of pliers. The lack of appropriate dart containers has even led to the unsafe storage practice of using plastic baggies. Contaminated TASER® darts are as dangerous as dirty intravenous or hypodermic needles.

Individuals injured by contaminated TASER® darts have serious considerations to face. Testing procedures may last for months while on mandatory leave from work. If infected, the individual faces a grueling battery of medication and treatment. Depending on the pathogen contracted, drastic lifestyle change and possible loss of employment may occur.

OSHA mandates that, in the medical community and on the job, sharp and bloody items are handled safely and disposed of properly. These actions ensure the safety of those who work in these environments. The employer’s responsibility is to ensure that their employees are not injured by contaminated materials by providing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Employers, both public and private, bear the financial burden of the testing, treatment and possible replacement of the injured employee along with the added costs of hiring and training of new employees.

The D.A.R.T. Pro System kit protects everyone participating in the chain of evidence from personnel at the deployment scene, medical facility, evidence room, courtroom and finally those who dispose of these dangerous devices. The use of the D.A.R.T. Pro® System Kit and X-TRACTOR Tips® will eliminate the opportunity for a needle-stick type injury and bloodborne pathogen transmission to occur when used correctly. Employers can feel confident that the associated costs of testing, potential treatment, personnel replacement and retraining costs will also be eliminated.

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